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Naveksa Produktionsstyring er et fantastisk Business Central Plug-In opdelt i 4 moduler


The all-in-one shop floor planning and self-service execution solution – A paperless future
“The solution has provided us with valuable real-time order status and operator self-service.”

  • Easy overview of Running, Waiting and Arriving orders per resource.
  • Efficient planning – Management of the execution sequence – priority, queue situation and capacity load.
  • Self-serviced operator execution – Instructions, drawings, status, start-end jobs, QC – ultimatively paperless
  • High functional in-process serial number/lot tracking.
  • Extensive data collection of job time and integrated Time&Attendance data recording.
  • Advanced execution – Bundled production, job multi-assignment, QR-coded operations
  • Operator terminal runs on it own subsystem on cheap tablet or PC terminal.


The all-in-one supply-chain management solution
“When can we deliver?” answered in just a few clicks, Vital in providing excellent customer service

  • Time-phased projected item availability and “What-if”-simulations.
  • Explosions of production/assembly bill of material with component shortage overviews.
  • Item shortage analysis – Sales, production, assembly orders, critical items.
  • Order creation directly from item shortages.
  • Used across all logistic functions – Sales, purchase, production, planning, stockroom.
  • Requisition / order creation directly from item shortages in an easy way.
  • The solution can be used in a multi-warehouse environment
  • Multi-level item shortage where used analysis – sales, production


The all-in-one, in-an-instant, manufacturing data creation solution
“Manufacturing data creation now takes a fraction of the time it did before”

  • Uses construction data from your CAD system for automatic creation of production data.
  • Other input metods – manual keying or copy of an existing product for “same-as-except” products
  • Facilitates re-structuring of construction bills into appropriate production bills.
  • Faciiltates the completion of products with routing and process information
  • Performs product cost calculations with various lot sizes.
  • Often used for sales quotation work without creating BC-data before sales order is actual.
  • Easy user operations – full product overview on a single screen as you work.


The easy way to reschedule start/end dates on running production orders
“This tool is indispensable when rescheduling running production orders”

  • Re-schedules multi-line network production order dates
  • Re-schedules single line production order dates despite active postings
  • Forwards, backwards or bottle-neck multi-order network scheduling